Rev David Kisaame
Executive Director
PO Box 3229 Kampala Uganda
phone 256782461403
Most Rev. Eric Michel
HQ:District 01
Ottawa Canada
Senior Directors
Rt. Rev. Marie Yvonne
Synod Bishop
President Of the House of Bishop
District 01 Ottawa Canada
Executive Secretary
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We Eric Michel Ministries International doesn't have a Bishop on location in charge
of a District, we appoint a Lay Minister to the rank of Dean.

The Dean have the same authority as a Bishop less what it concern spiritual life.
He is in charge of all temporal activities and rule over our District Churches.
Steven Muganzi is NOT ordained but appointed

The Dean is a member of the House of Bishop and have the same privilege to vote
at all Synod Local, National or the Symposium.

Steven Muganzi is a Ugandan Christian Youth aged 25 years in 2017. After high
school, He studied up to 1st year at university but could not complete University
due to lack of tuition and other university requirements. He comes from a humble
home background with a very low income base.

His work for Christ qualify him for this duties with our help at he House of Biships
Dean Steven Muganzi
Member of the House of Bishop
HQ District 05 Uganda
Canon Law  201506 Liturgy 30 Baptism
Holly Baptism is transformed in baby welcoming. Confirmation is the Baptism of an adult
13 of age and older and it is done in presence of a bishop or if none avail a Dean Minister
Canon Law 020.1.1 Seniority
For the purposes of Canon Law, seniority shall be determined by rank and then within the
same rank, according to priority of consecration or ordination. The ranks are:
  1. Archbishop
  2. Synod Bishop
  3. Dean Lay Minister
  4. Bishops Ordinary of chaplaincy
  5. Archdeacon
  6. Minister
  7. Deacon
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We need your help for Christ and
the people of Uganda
Bishop = overseer in the Bible
We also use the title Dean for someone who has the role similar to a Bishop as a lay person
Canon 20170401 Membership Goal

The membership for each congregation it's between 50 and 100 members under the direction of a Superintendent (Head Pastor).
Some Congregation use the term of Executive Director.

When membership reach 120, 20 members need to be transfer in a new congregation under the direction of a new Superintendent.

When another congregation is in place, both congregations are under the direction of a  Bishop

When we have four (4) congregations in place a Regional Bishop will be installed.

When we have height (8) congregations in place a Synod Bishop will be installed or a Dean Lay Minister..
Connexional Polity at Eric Michel Ministries International has been characterised by a strong central organisation which holds
an annual Conference named Symposium. The connexion is divided into Region in the charge of a Bishop or Dean.

In other countries the Chairman is sometimes called a Bishop, or District Bishop. Methodist districts often correspond approximately,
in geographical terms, to counties. The districts are divided into local governed by the Executive Director and the Board of Directors
and led and administrated principally by a superintendent minister. Ministers are appointed to Circuits rather than to individual
churches. Pastors are assigned to congregations by bishops. Methodist denominations typically give lay members representation
at regional and national meetings (Symposium) at which the business of the church is conducted, making it different from most
episcopal government. This connexional organisational model differs further from the congregational model, for example of Baptist,
and Congregationalist churches, amongst others. The United Methodist Church website defines "connexion" as the principle that:
all leaders and congregations are connected in a network of loyalties and commitments that support, yet supersede, local concerns.
In Uganda under Dean Muganzi we have 6 domestic churches, 12 ministers and a total of 325 members